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Taylor Lautner says wig was important co-star

Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob Black in the movie series, is happy to leave behind his Twilight wig, but admits it was a “very important co-star.” Although he’s sad to see the franchise come to an end, he won’t miss certain things about the films. “The wig, it was a very important co-star. Right now I’m not missing much,” Taylor joked to MTV News. “There was hatred between both of us. It did not like me, I did not like it. Not fond memories.” The 20-year-old star has also recalled battling his nerves on the first Twilight movie because by the time he arrived on set, it seemed his co-stars had already started to form close bonds so it took him time to settle in.

“The first one, I was probably nervous. I came in halfway through filming so everyone already knew each other,” he explained. “It was a big party, and then I came in being the youngest, and I was pretty nervous. But it quickly ended up being fine. The first one was strange, but for New Moon, that’s when we got rolling.” Taylor famously had to fight to keep his role as Jacob after the first film. His character was almost recast until the actor convinced movie bosses he could bulk up and eventually gained 30lbs. of muscle through extensive training.

“It was satisfying and exciting,” Taylor recalled, “and I was much more comfortable with everyone and in the role.”