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Robert Pattinson calls ending of last film “strange”

Robert Pattinson calls the ending of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 strange, but also sweet. Reports reveal the ending of the film will be different from Stephenie Meyer’s book. “It’s very strange the ending, but it kind of works in a very bizarre way,” Pattinson told Hollywood Life. “You don’t normally get a story where everyone has a happy ending. Which sounds kind of ridiculous but even if you tried to write a happy ending it’s kind of impossible.” Robert, who plays the charming Edward Cullen, was surprised when he read the script. In an interview with Gold Stars, he said, “I remember when we shot the first movie, we were all stressed out by the idea that there would be no success and that we wouldn’t shoot more of the saga,” adding that the Twilight franchise was an “extraordinary experience” and he was happy to have been a part of it. ~ Luxy Hariharan